Fort Lauderdale Launches Online Zoning Map

The City of Fort Lauderdale recently joined Gridics, an interactive zoning map application. The map simplifies some processes in property development due to the extensive, verified zoning information now readily available online.

One of the most useful features of Gridics is its 3D modeling capabilities. The continuous map allows engineers, architects, and designers to visualize new projects. Through color-coded zoning layers, the app helps calculate build-out potentials without having to consult multiple city officials. Moreover, the map shows existing and proposed projects in Fort Lauderdale all in one place.

For property owners, the app provides key information on their property’s zoning requirements in Fort Lauderdale. This can be helpful to anyone in the first stages of single home family construction. By providing the property’s zoning information in one interactive visual map application, owners can easily understand the potentials and limitations of their design goals.

The new Fort Lauderdale zoning map application provides many helpful features for both developers and owners all in one place. For more information on Fort Lauderdale Gridics, visit their website or announcement.

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