The Importance of Hands-On General Contractors

One of the quickest ways to complicate a project is to have a general contractor who is not thoroughly involved. Without a hands-on approach, a general contractor cannot manage the needs of the client, the architect, and the many subcontractors on a given project. This can cause long delays and expensive mistakes. To help save time and money, we discuss some features of a “hands-on” general contractor below.

Being a hands-on general contractor starts with regularly visiting the construction site and having a full understanding of all of the trades involved, such as plumbing, electrical, and so on. Regular involvement helps to establish a good rapport with the subcontractors and helps the general contractor provide accurate information to their client. This all sets the tone for the project and helps everyone involved stay on the same page for maximum efficiency.

Regular site visits also give the general contractor a chance to zoom out and take in a holistic overview of the project. They must know how every moving part is connected to one another throughout different phases of the project, and how changes or delays can impact this dynamic process. It’s much easier to orchestrate a complex project when the general contractor is proactively at the job site and closely involved with the day-to-day.

A hands-on general contractor also does regular walkthroughs with subcontractors. Usually, a subcontractor receives a “punch list” or a to-do list explaining which tasks need to be done by which date. As a project progresses, however, new tasks may come up and get lost in the constant construction happening on the site. This is where a general contractor can assist with a walkthrough or physical layout of the project. This process helps orient subcontractors so that the architect’s design and client’s desires are executed properly to their full intent.

It’s important for general contractors to be hands-on during every step of the construction process. They serve as the main point of contact for everyone involved on the project and their effective communication and delegation is the key to a successful outcome.

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