Important Questions To Ask Your Architect

Previously, we discussed the importance of hiring a great general contractor for your new construction or renovation project. Similar to the contractor you choose, your architect is a critical selection in leading to your project’s success. However, many clients are unsure of what to ask when looking for an architect to make sure it’s the right fit. Below, we list some helpful questions to ask before your next project.

“Why do I need an architect?”
This question is one that a client should ask themselves so they can effectively communicate what they’d like for their architect to do. Since architects can provide a variety of services, it’s important for clients to have specific goals in mind. For example, do you need an architect to create a conceptual design? Or do you need someone to review and sign off on a permit?

This question can also help architects better understand your end goal for the project. When it comes to new construction, an architect will factor in your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences.

“What is included in your basic services for a project as my architect?”
Many clients are not familiar with the different types of schematics and drawings that go into new construction. This question helps you understand which basic services your architect will provide. This can also alert you as to whether you’ll need supplementary or additional services for your project.

“What will be expected of me as the client?”
Sometimes, clients do not have existing drawings, surveys, or permit records for the property they are building. In this case, there are additional steps the client may have to handle for the architect to perform their duties.

This is also a point to consider if you want an additional level of detail and management to be provided for your project. This can be delivered for your project through an interior designer, Fixture, Finishes and Equipment (FFE) Selection, or construction administration services.

“What is your design process like?”
This question can help the client understand what phases their architectural project will have and ensure everyone is on the same page. This can also help clients understand their level of involvement at each stage.

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